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Storage Tips

Need help figuring out how much storage space you need? How about tips for efficient ways to pack both your boxes and your storage space. Let The Keep Storage be your one-stop storage solution. We can advise you on the storage size that best meets your needs, answer your storage questions, provide you with boxes and packing materials, and direct you to the location closest to your home. We've also prepared a few packing tips for you. 

Do’s & Don'ts of Self Storage

At The Keep Storage, we want to make self storage easier for you. Whether you are new to storage or are an old pro, here are a few do’s and don'ts to help you through the storage process.

Do – Use the best possible lock to protect your belongings. We sell high-quality disc locks in our office.

Don’t – Do not store prohibited items. That list includes tires, food, and flammable objects. Speak with a member of our friendly and professional staff for an inclusive list.

Do – Keep an inventory of the items you store. Remember to clearly label boxes on all sides.

Don’t – Forget to leave a walkway. Place items you are most likely to need at the front of your unit and be sure to leave enough space to access all items stored in the back.

Do - Use pallets or plastic on the floor of your unit. Pallets maintain airflow and help to prevent mold and mildew.

Don’t – Store mirrors and framed artwork on their front or back. Wrap them in bubble wrap and store them on end on a pallet.

Do – Invest in climate-controlled storage to protect paperwork, electronics, upholstered furniture, and other temperature sensitive items.

Don’t – Do not store hazardous or toxic materials. If you don’t know if you should store it, ask.

Do – Purchase tenant insurance. Peace of mind is worth the policy price.

Don’t – Do not store combustibles. Cleaning fluids, gasoline, propane tanks, and old paint can create a fire, and quick. Why risk your possessions for a few cents in savings?

Do – Wedge open doors of appliances. Not only will it help prevent mold and condensation, it also provides you additional storage for linens and other lightweight belongings!